Monday, February 15, 2010

On the Road Again

Well, soon anyway. This Bitter Moon has stayed within a stationary phase long enough and I’m just plain bitter about it. It’s time to make plans, set goals, look to the stars for guidance and get my full moon out of here.

My house is going up for sale and, come this summer, I’m packing up my torch and kiln. I’ll turn a van into a workshop/living space and travel the US doing art shows, meeting new people, keeping a video diary, and surrounding myself with my muse--mother nature.

The adventure starts now, however. There is tons to do and much to learn. First thing on the agenda? Paying off all my debt. 3 credit cards down, 4 to go (ouch)! I’m also getting my house ready to put in the market. Which reminds me…

anyone know how to patch a wall?
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