Saturday, November 05, 2011

On a Fairy Hunt at the Lyre River!

The Lyre River and it's surrounding forest is magical. When there, I feel as if I've fallen down the rabbit hole or perhaps a hobbit hole is more like it. 

So this last trip I wanted to photograph the Lyre River in all it's enchanted glory to share with you. In doing so, I captured--dare I say it--a fairy! 

Don't believe me? Take a look. I'm sure you will agree it's as magical as I say and, if not, I'm bewitched. What do you expect? ;D
The rushing rapids of the Lyre River sounds as beautiful as it looks. 
Amazing! But no fairies up there.

My favorite spot. But where the heck are the fairies?

No, no, that's not a fairy. That's my van, Glorie B, parked at our FREE campsite.

A beautiful path. Lets hope it leads us to fairies.

Seems like a fairy should be sitting on it.

The most magical tree I've ever seen. It should contain fairies.
Not only do the berries look like fairy food, look how clear the water is!
Oh, there she is!
Ok, so maybe she is not exactly what you expected.

But you have to admit, she is quite *charm*ing
                For more info on the Lyre River & it's FREE campground on
            Washington's Olympic Peninsula,
          check out Vantramps.

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