Thursday, July 31, 2014

Holy Scat!

Question: What kind of animal poops this big and should I be worried it's been so close to Glorie B? Also, how do I make the animal scat?

Btw, I really do already know the answer to this deuce of a question. I just thought you guys don't get to see enough shyt on the Internet.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A quote by no-one special, for everyone because everyone's special.

Everyone should be given enough time in their day to watch cottonwood tree leaves dance in sunlight.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

What a Difference a Year Makes

 A year ago my travels led me to a strange place--home. What's strange about that? I always dreamed of leaving home, exploring the U.S. in my little van. It never occurred to me I would end the journey and go back. 

Then I got a phone call. For the first time, my brother got full custody of my nephew. They wanted me to come home and be a family. Of course, I did. The three of us are all we have in the immediate family department.

The deal was, I would stay in Omaha during my nephew's senior year of high school and leave after he joined the Navy. Well, he left for boot camp two month's ago and here I still sit. 

But guess what? This morning the journey begins again. I've got Glorie-B fine tuned and we are heading towards the Great Lakes in Illinois for my nephew's boot camp graduation. Is that poetic justice or what? That which ended one adventure has sent me on another.

I'm not sure where Glorie-B will take me after this trip. But then, if I had all the answers life wouldn't be much of an adventure, would it?


Sunday, February 26, 2012

Footprints in the Sand

I have a cousin back home who is on a mission to get me to say I am lonely while on the road. I think secretly she just wants to be a loner van dwelling hippie too, and is looking at me to give her any excuse not to. But truthfully, sometimes I do miss seeing a familiar face.

However, last week Lexi and I took a long walk on Beach 4 of the Washington Coast to say good bye to the ocean before heading East. She sported her new blue marshmallow jacket and pranced along side me. I turned back to look at the waves and saw our footprints in the sand. It looked as though we had been dancing.

And I realized, I'm far from alone.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Hit the Sea Glass Motherload!

Nothing makes one feel more like a local of the Pacific Northwest than finding an excellent sea glass beach.  It's like earning a secret that most gain after years of combing over beach after beach. And here I, miss van dwelling vagabond, find the mother-load of sea glass beaches (in, near, or somewhere around) Port Townsend, Washington. I can't wait to get working on these little treasures. I think I'll turn most of them into earrings.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

One Year of Road Later

One year ago today I moved into my van and out of Omaha, Nebraska. I thought traveling around the USA for a year would change me and my life, I thought I would find my “place” in the world. Instead, I found I'm still me, just a little more interesting and the journey is my “place.” I never want to be stationary again.

To celebrate my anniversary, I bought all new LED lights to replace my old regular light bulbs. This way, maybe the next year of van dwelling will be even brighter.

Here are a few pictures of the places I have been. Come back one year from today, I'm sure I will have plenty more to show you...

The lookout tower and the Grand Canyon.

Lake Mead, NV

The Very Large Array, New Mexico
Point Wilson Lighthouse in Port Townsend, Washington

Red Rock, NV
The Wave (and an anonymous model), AZ

Upper Antelope Canyon. Page, AZ

White Sands in New Mexico

Saturday, November 05, 2011

On a Fairy Hunt at the Lyre River!

The Lyre River and it's surrounding forest is magical. When there, I feel as if I've fallen down the rabbit hole or perhaps a hobbit hole is more like it. 

So this last trip I wanted to photograph the Lyre River in all it's enchanted glory to share with you. In doing so, I captured--dare I say it--a fairy! 

Don't believe me? Take a look. I'm sure you will agree it's as magical as I say and, if not, I'm bewitched. What do you expect? ;D
The rushing rapids of the Lyre River sounds as beautiful as it looks. 
Amazing! But no fairies up there.

My favorite spot. But where the heck are the fairies?

No, no, that's not a fairy. That's my van, Glorie B, parked at our FREE campsite.

A beautiful path. Lets hope it leads us to fairies.

Seems like a fairy should be sitting on it.

The most magical tree I've ever seen. It should contain fairies.
Not only do the berries look like fairy food, look how clear the water is!
Oh, there she is!
Ok, so maybe she is not exactly what you expected.

But you have to admit, she is quite *charm*ing
                For more info on the Lyre River & it's FREE campground on
            Washington's Olympic Peninsula,
          check out Vantramps.

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