Sunday, August 30, 2009

Introducing Lattie

Signs are like road maps to me. I don't mean street signs either. I'm talking about omens, prophecy, extreme cases of chance and intuition. I look for signs like these everywhere. To me, they tell me I'm on the right track, or at least in the ball park.

Take Lattie, for instance. One morning I woke from a dream and in my minds eye I could see Lattie perfectly. I had no idea what a dress form was at the time, didn't even know how to decoupage something or even the term, for that matter. I just knew how Lattie was supposed to look.

That morning I spent hours combing over Ebay--looking at mannequins and dress forms. All seemed too pricy for what I wanted to do. By noon, I gave up and got ready for April to pick me up. We were planning on going to the library so she could study and I could list at Etsy, but I suddenly wanted to take a deture.

I saw a fabric store and a lightbulb literally (okay, just in my minds eye, AGAIN) clicked on above my head. We went in, I ran around the entire building, but there was not one dress form that would work in the building. While walking out, I just happened to glance to the side and saw a going out of business sale. I walked in my my fingers crossed (litterally this time, not just in my mind) and there, lined up in rows like little solder girls were line upon lines of Latties.

Not fate? Not a sign? Not an extreem case of intuition? Okay, well maybe not. But as we left the store with my dress form buckled into the back seat I asked April, "what should we name her." In my mind (yes, AGAIN) I was thinking Lattie, for Latitude, because I knew I was going to cover her in a map. April looked at me, smiled, and said, "How about Lattie?"

I rest my case and am here by introducing you to Lattie. My own personal sign from the stars, maybe. Telling me I'm on the right track to ummm, something. I'll let you know when me or my mind figure it out.


  1. Lattie came out just beautiful, and I love getting a little glimps inside your mind's eye!

  2. This was just AMAZING! You did such a great job on here. I think she wants to runaway and live with me,LOL!


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