Sunday, August 16, 2009

Masquerade Medley

Masquerade Medley is the very first treasury I created for the Etsy Twitter Team. While snooping around team member’s shops, trying to find new additions to this treasury, it dawned on me that looking at the creations of others is a lot like reading a book in that you learn who the artist/author is by what/how they create.

It should not be surprising, I know. After all, art is about expression and connecting the audience to the art with an emotional response. Yet building this treasury was a lesson for me. It’s taught me that knowing oneself is an essential part of the creative process.

I can see now that, in catering to what I felt people in general would want/like, I forgot that my work is more about art than shiny stuff that dangles. I’ve learned that, even when creating functional art as I do, I must be true to myself as an artist and trust that there are others out there who will connect to my work rather than force myself to create to the tune of others.

It’s humbling to be among such great originality and talent. The timeless pieces of 19Moons, the dramatic couture works of the KnittingGuru, and BeadBug’s dazzling “vintage flair,” all remind me that true art is not a masquerade. The real show begins when the masks fall.


  1. Nice Post.
    I agree we do have really talented peers to work with.


  2. I want very much to agree with you that I need to"be true to myself as an artist...rather than force myself to create to the tune of others." But as I pursue art as a career and not just a form of expression, I find that what sells isn't always what I enjoy creating most. On the other hand, it is blatantly obvious when I create something "as a job" and another piece "from my heart".

    Perhaps there is room for both. As a business person, I have to find and create what the audience wants. As an artist, I must stay true to the creativity God put in my heart, and express it to the best of my ability. It's a constant challenge.

  3. I am honored to be among such talented artists and artisans.

  4. Wonderful first EtsyTwitter Treasury- congrats for getting it on the front of Treasury West! I love your work


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