Friday, July 31, 2009

What's In a Name?

Bitter Moon is my name, funky dichroic glass art jewelry is my game.

But, how did you come up with such a name, you might ask. Are you bitter? What do you have against the moon, others have asked.

No, no. It's nothing like that. The Bitter part of my name derives from my grandmother's maiden name, Bitterly. Simple as that.

Oh, ok. But what's up with the moon?


No, no. What's up with "moon" being part of your name?

Oh, that. Well, I'll tell you:

When I was little, my mother used to take my brother and I to the Balboa Park Science Museum in San Diego, California. It was my favorite place in the world to be. I have no idea what it's like now. But back then it was full of space age technology for kids to get their hands on. I made waves with a wave machine, ran my hand through fiber optic lights before anyone really knew what they were, pushed huge sand pendulums hanging from the ceiling, making intricate sand designs on the floor, and bought my first pair of dichroic glass earrings from the gift shop.

"Oh! Dichroic glass. But, why would that be in a science museum?

Oh, you're gonna love this. Fun fact: Dichroic glass was used by NASA before it ever was an art medium!

Wow! Really?

Yep! According to "Dichroics: Art glass all dressed up" by, Jackie Paciello-Truty, NASA used dichroic glass as an aerospace filter before it was ever used in art.

Cool, so that's where the "moon" in your name comes from?

Oh, (chuckles). Well, frankly I am just a nature freak and love the night sky and it is a total coincidense (or fate) that I picked the name Bitter Moon and later found out about dichroic glasses connection to NASA. Then, I remembered being a kid, the Space Meuseum, and those mesmorizing dichroic glass earrings and the storyteller in me just kinda took over.


Don't be too mad at me. I did, after all, answer the question, What's in a name?"

My name, Bitter Moon, is all about history--my history. It's my family, past, love of nature, storytelling, and art all rolled up in a name.

So, now it's YOUR turn. What's your store/blog/twitter/facebook/whatever name? How did you come up with it? What does it say about you?


  1. Funny, I was wondering how you came up with your name... but was too shy to ask. Great story - and great name! I can completely relate to the love of science, I'm the same way. My name - Mystic Wynd? ... refers to that ever so faint breeze that gives one the chills when something touches their heart or soul.

    Great blog - I'll be following!


  2. Hey, been wondering that myself. Neat post. My name comes from my, well, my manic mind and all it comes up with.

    Have fun!

  3. Cool story...What's in a name?

    Have a wonderful day!


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